OTG Goes to the Movies

OTG showed an exclusive screening of BOTTLE SHOCK at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Melwood Screening Room

The World’s First Ever Fully Integrated Historic/Cinematic/Gastronomic/Winerific Event Ever!  All in one evening….

We had an actual print of the film BOTTLE SHOCK AND our guest host Hal B. Klein who plays Shenky in the film – Hal on screen AND in person!  Hal worked as an actor on stage and screen before moving to Pittsburgh to earn a master’s degree in Food Studies.  He’s now co-owner of Your Personal Food Coach and writes about food and drink around town.  From film to food – all thanks to the Burgh!

Our pals at Bar Marco put together food to compliment the head to head wine tasting!

Invited guest and Post-Gazette Wine Columnist Elizabeth Downer dished on ‘how it really was’ at the Paris Acadamie du Vin because she was there!

Everyone tasted the modern Chateau Montelena (the winning white wine from the Judgement of Paris) against a Chassagne-Montrachet (White Burgundy)
Bordeaux against a California Cabernet