Back to Black (Radish) 2/21/21

That’s right – we are going Back to Black Radish for some of Kate Romane and her team’s best flavors combined with tasty Italian wines.

For those new to OTG, we shared a neighborhood with Kate Romane’s E2 restaurant for many years. Between E2 and Black Radish they have endured countless wine dinners and wine tastings and all manner of Jack’s wine geekiness. They are still game to adventure into new OTG territory and we hope you are too.

We will have a Zoom gathering at 6:30pm.

Dinner for Two 
spinach and cici bean fritter with lemon caper aioli

joddo’s bitter greens with lemon, focaccia crumb and shaved etrusco

ricotta gnocchi, lamb bolognese with rosemary and feta


BOTTLES – yep – TWO BOTTLES – of wine 
For this round Jack has curated two wines from Italy (one white – one red).

  • White Wine – Pellegrino Cavallina Grillo Pinot Grigio Sicilia DOC 2019 
  • Red Wine – Tenuta Buon Tempo Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2018

Please note that all sales are final. If you find you are unable to use your seats, please contact Kate and Jack and they will see if there is someone on the wait list who can use them (although this is not guaranteed).  Thank you.