Covid Takeout 6th Edition 11/08/20

Change of Seasons

Eight months into the world of COVID and we continue to seek local businesses to promote and support. As the weather turns cooler and the autumn colors emerge our thoughts turned to Prohibition Pastries with their combination of savory flavors and lovely flakey pastry. The menu calls for rustic French wines and we found two great examples to share. 

Each purchase includes dinner for TWO PEOPLE, and TWO BOTTLES of wine. If you would like to join us – please purchase, and we will send confirmation and pick up directions.

We will have a Zoom gathering at 6:30pm.

We will send an email confirmation with pick up details. Dinners (with the wine) can be picked up on Sunday, November 8 between 4:00 – 5:00pm a Prohibition Pastry in Point Breeze. Just pop the trunk and food and wine will be gently placed for travel.

Dinner for Two 
Feta, sundried tomato and pancetta puffs

Spinach salad with candied pecans, cranberry, blue cheese 

THREE (that’s right – 3) savory pies

  • French Onion – 3 kinds of onions cooked down with vegetable bouillon and red wine, topped with rosemary sourdough croutons and swiss cheese
  • Beouf Bourguignon – slow roasted top round roast (from Clarion Farms Beef) carrots, mushroom and onions in red wine sauce
  • Veggie Coconut Curry – carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, green beans in coconut milk green curry (contains fish sauce and shrimp paste)

Salted caramel nests 

BOTTLES – yep – TWO BOTTLES – of wine 
For this round Jack has curated two wines from France (one white – one red).

  • White Wine – Domaine Des Mazelles Sauvignon Blanc Touraine Loire Valley 2019 
  • Red Wine – Chateau Moulin De La Roquille Bordeaux Rouge 2016

Please note that all sales are final. If you find you are unable to use your seats, please contact Kate and Jack and they will see if there is someone on the wait list who can use them (although this is not guaranteed).  Thank you.