Covid Takeout 5th Edition 8/16/20

Taste of Summer

In the depths of winter when we think about summer – what flavors come to mind?   Tomatoes, fresh herbs, peaches, rosé wine?  Put them together and we’ve got a dinner designed to leave a summer flavor memory mark on your palate.   We return (by overwhelming request!) to Jen Saffron and her Sprezzatura team for a tasty menu matched to a Rosé and a Vermentino – both wines are from next to the Mediterranean Sea, BUT on different sides of Italy.

Each purchase includes dinner for TWO PEOPLE, and TWO BOTTLES of wine. If you would like to join us – please purchase, and we will send confirmation and pick up directions.

We will have a Zoom gathering at 6:30pm.

We will send an email confirmation with pick up details. Dinners (with the wine) can be picked up on Sunday, August 16 between 4:00 – 5:00pm at Sprezzatura in Millvale. Just pop the trunk and food and wine will be gently placed for travel.

Dinner for Two 
Savory tomato pie with goat cheese and herbs

Chicken thighs in a caper, lemon and pistachio sauce

Mezze Rigate with Fresh Pesto

Organic field greens with peaches and edible flowers

Mini espresso chocolate tart 

BOTTLES – yep – TWO BOTTLES – of wine 
For this round Jack has curated two wines from Italy (one rosé – one white).

  • Rosé Wine – Costa dei Trabocchi “Vallevo” Rosato Terre di Chieti IGT Montepuliciano 2019
  • White Wine – Sardus Pater “Lugore” Single Vineyard Vermentino DOC Sardegna 2019

Please note that all sales are final. If you find you are unable to use your seats, please contact Kate and Jack and they will see if there is someone on the wait list who can use them (although this is not guaranteed).  Thank you.